The genuine spirit and food culture of the South – that’s what Cervecería La Sureña is all about. Sharing, group consumption and enjoying the company of friends are all part of the Cervecería La Sureña experience in the form of “raciones” (dishes designed for sharing) and our now famous buckets.

It may look like a bucket, but it’s a way of life

The South beckons you. The genuine spirit and food culture of the South – that’s what Cervecería La Sureña is all about.

The sun, the sea breeze, the sand tickling your toes, a bucket filled with bottles of cold beer and succulent food to share with your friends. That’s how you get away from it all in the South, that’s how you live the spirit of the South, that’s how Southerners live. And that’s what you can find anywhere in Spain thanks to Cervecería La Sureña, as each and every restaurant is a piece of the South.

Montar franquicias de La Sureña

The genuine South. That’s how we might define the Cervecería La Sureña concept and the key to its success. The best food culture of the South served up in “raciones” and accompanied by buckets of beer bottles – a completely innovative form of consumption that revolutionised the industry in 2010 when Cervecería La Sureña was first launched. All this in an atmosphere that is laid back and relaxed, yet fun and full of life. An entrancing ambience that allows customers to live the genuine spirit of the South.

Part of this Southern spirit is group consumption. “A life without sharing is only half a life” is one of the slogans we use in Cervecería La Sureña, on account of the “raciones” and the buckets, both designed for sharing, for group consumption.


Investment: Entry fee + Refurbishment of Premises
Term: 10 years
Entry fee: €20,000
Royalty fee: 4%
Premises requirements: min. 80 sqm

The Cervecería La Sureña brand currently operates more than 100 restaurants.


We currently operate in 9 countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, United States, Mexico,
Guatemala, Chile and Colombia under our 100 Montaditos brand. We also have two more concept brands
in the Spanish market: Cervecería La Sureña and The Good Burger.