The character of a burger restaurant,
designed by Restalia.

The Good Burger offers a different eating-out experience. Anyone who wants to enjoy a quality burger in a modern, trendy, less formal atmosphere at affordable prices will make TGB their burger restaurant of choice.

Montar franquicias The Good Burger

The Good Burger offers a different eating-out experience. A quality burger in a modern, trendy atmosphere.
The Good Burger, the latest concept to be launched by the Restalia Group, enters the market to revolutionise the received concept of a burger restaurant. Not only does TGB arrive with new product ideas, it also comes with a new design.

The novelty that it brings to an apparently mature market is that of a highly differentiated food offer: gourmet burgers marinated in beer and an atmosphere that is totally different to that of standard burger restaurant chains. An adult, modern, happening atmosphere, where music and urban sports play an important role, and where the interior design is looked after down to the smallest detail to ensure it recreates a little piece of industrial New York at its trendiest in any part of Spain.

TGB brings a breath of fresh air to our country’s eating-out culture through a fast-food and self-service concept with the quality and atmosphere of a white tablecloth restaurant. It offers a halfway house that becomes a refuge for all who want to enjoy quality food in a stylish yet informal adult ambience.


Investment: entry fee + refurbishment of premises
Term: 10 years
Entry fee: €35,000
Royalty fee: 5%
Premises requirements: 65 sqm – 120 sqm


We currently operate in 9 countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, United States, Mexico,
Guatemala, Chile and Colombia under our 100 Montaditos brand. We also have two more concept brands
in the Spanish market: Cervecería La Sureña and The Good Burger.