Would you like to open your own franchise of one of our three successful brands?

A large number of small investors have become successful entrepreneurs thanks to franchises. Starting your own business with the backing of a leading brand means you get ongoing support, training, advice and a proven guarantee of success in the market. Discover the advantages of growing your own business with Restalia Group.


If you have any questions you can contact us at infofranquicias@gruporestalia.com o al teléfono 913 72 48 72

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Franchises have proved to be the best way to develop your own business with the guarantee of a tried and tested model and the support and services of an experienced franchiser.

In recent years, Restalia Group has made it possible for a large number of small investors to become successful entrepreneurs.
Minimised risks. Guarantee, service and support from the Restalia Group. More than 250 franchisees A well-known brand.

Why a franchise?

The franchise model minimises the risk you take when you decide to open a business. Restalia Group, as market leader, offers guaranteed brands that are already enjoying success in the market and the broadest portfolio of franchisee services in the industry. This allows you to optimise your investment and hugely facilitates the process of creating a new business – your new business.


The Restalia Group guarantee has been tested and endorsed by the market and consumers. We have more than 500 outlets in nine countries, in Europe, North America and Latin America. Our track record allows franchisees to benefit from the know-how that we have accumulated during the development of our brands, which now boast some 250 franchisees. We place at your disposal a simple and effective operations manual that has proved to be consistently successful.

Brand prestige

A brand that consumers are familiar with and love, and which generates traffic organically even before opening day. The Restalia Group has developed “driver” concepts which generate traffic as consumers look for them in a proactive way. This is the case with 100 Montaditos, Cervecería La Sureña and TGB – The Good Burger.

How long does it take?

The process of starting a business can be complex and protracted if it is not carried out in an efficient manner. Restalia guarantees 100% efficiency to significantly reduce timescales. The timeframe for starting up one of our franchises is around 4 to 6 weeks from the time when refurbishment work begins on the premises. Nonetheless, we take whatever time is needed in each case to make sure everything works out right.

What training is needed?

To turn your business into a successful reality, we offer you a wide-ranging training programme, not only for yourself but also for your employees. The programme covers operational issues, business management and customer care, among other items.

What type of team can you call on?

Strength through unity. Forming part of a prestigious company that owns one of Spain’s largest catering networks will provide you with access to costs, services and support that are out of reach for the individual entrepreneur. You will be able to call on professionals from the world of real estate, architects, engineers, lawyers and departments such as Purchasing, Innovation or Marketing, with the guarantee that you are receiving services that are 100% professional and up to date with the latest trends.

What resources are needed?

If you have taken the decision to start your own business but you need resources, Restalia Group helps you find financing from banks. We will also advise you as to the type and model of financing that is most appropriate to your needs.


Our Purchasing Department is one of the keys to the profitability of your business. Restalia’s negotiating power assures you the lowest prices – prices that we can obtain thanks to economies of scale, while always adhering to the highest quality standards and maximising your profit.

What do we expect?

Our commitment is total, which is why we need you to be equally committed.
-Entrepreneurs determined to strive towards shared success.
-Management capacity.
-Team work.
-And most importantly … PASSION

Before opening a new franchise, Restalia Group initiates a process together with the future franchisee that is designed to ensure the success of the business. During this process, the franchise candidate will learn about the brand and undergo special training to use all the tools needed to run their own business.

➊ Prospective applicant

Request for information from the franchise and first discussions with ExpoRestalia.

➋ Franchisee candidate

· Interview with the Head of Expansion.
· Application assessed
· Interview with the Head of Franchising to assess the candidate’s application.

➌ Pre-contract brand agreement signed

The candidate becomes a franchisee and starts training.

➍ Premises

Search, selection and assignment of a technically and commercially suitable design.

➎ Franchise contract

Franchise contract signed.

➏ Refurbishing work

The premises are refurbished to meet the brand’s technical and image requirements.

➐ Opening

Your franchise opens to the public.

In barely 18 years, Restalia Group has become a benchmark in the Spanish catering industry, both at a national and an international level. We currently operate three robust brands that are already well positioned in the marketplace: 100 Montaditos, La Sureña and our most recent incorporation, TGB (The Good Burger).

Today, our brands are highly appreciated by consumers thanks to our top quality ingredients, atmosphere and price.

Discover them!

Would you like to open your own franchise of one of our three successful brands?

We currently operate in nine countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile and Colombia under our 100 Montaditos brand. We have two more concept brands in the Spanish market: Cervecería La Sureña and The Good Burger.
Restalia is a guarantee of success
• More than 500 outlets across the world
• 3 original concepts
• 1,000 restaurants expected by 2017
• Franchise sector leader
• A highly profitable business

Find out more in our ExpoRestalia conventions:

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The Restalia Group is known for being a market agitator and for forming part of the vanguard of the catering industry. Our Innovation Department helps us adapt to changes in consumers’ tastes and needs and to market demands. By continually updating our brands and products, a multi-disciplinary team that includes chefs, designers and architects among other professions has made sure that, 15 years after the birth of 100 Montaditos, our brands are not only fully up to date but are becoming ever more successful.


If you are interested in becoming part of the Restalia Group, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries you may have. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, But we don’t want you to have any doubts at all, so if you can’t find your query in the FAQ, then please contact us and we will be more than pleased to talk to you.

No. If you have such experience, it will be more than welcome but Restalia provides a tested, flexible and simple business model. We also provide full training and an operations manual, as well as the constant support of our Operations Department. We supply everything you need to continually optimise your business.
Our real estate team, made up by highly experienced industry professionals, choose the best locations for you. If you already have premises, we evaluate whether they are suitable for the business.
Restalia Group, through a team that is dedicated to this end within the financial department, offers you advice as to the type of financing that is best suited to your needs, and as to which financial institution to approach. You can also access such financing on highly favourable terms thanks to our agreements with leading banks which regard Restalia as a guarantee, given the proven viability of our business.
Yes. Our technical department (our own engineers and architects) coordinates everything that has to do with the execution of the refurbishing work on the premises, making them run as smoothly as possible. The work is performed by authorised construction companies that comply with their instructions in good time and form.
When the franchise pre-contract is signed and the candidate becomes a franchisee.