Politica di privacy

For the purposes provided for in the current legislation on personal data protection, by means of this Privacy Policy, RESTALIA GRUPO DE EURORESTAUCACIÓN, S.L.  (henceforth, “RESTALIA”) informs users (henceforth, the “User” or “Users”) of its website www.gruporestalia.com (henceforth, the “Website”) of its policy in regard to personal data gathered from Users of the Website, so that they may decide freely and voluntarily if they wish to provide to RESTALIA the personal data required or that may be obtained by means of their access to and use of the Website.

The only data to which RESTALIA shall have access through the Website is the data the User provides voluntarily, and other data collected through cookies installed, the Privacy Policy of which may be consulted at the following link www.gruporestalia.com/cookies

In compliance with the applicable legislation, RESTALIA adopts the necessary technical and organisational procedures to maintain the level of security required in respect of personal data handled. In addition, the company has the necessary mechanisms at its disposal to prevent, insofar as possible, unauthorized access, illicit removal or modification, and the loss of data.

Handling of Personal Data Provided through the Website

In accordance with Organic Law 15 /1999 The Data Protection Act of 13 December and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December approving the regulation developed by Organic Law 15/1999, RESTALIA, with a registered address at Avenida de Europa nº 19, Edificio 2, Planta 3ª, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), informs the User that the data they may provide through the Website shall be filed in an automated personal data database owned by RESTALIA. You mat consult the specific use of your data our Company may make in the handling thereof in each of the sections of our website where data is collected. We remind you to read the contents of the data protection clauses included in each section when providing your data. In general, data shall be handled for the following purposes:

Contact: Data gathered shall be filed in a database (which may be automated) controlled by RESTALIA for the purpose of managing or, where the case may be, considering and/or responding to queries, comments or suggestions.

Subscription to the Blog: Data provided in the section “Subscription to the Blog” shall be used exclusively for the purpose of keeping you informed of updates and new additions to the blog through the email address provided. The blog subscription service is managed by a third party separate from RESTALIA. Therefore, you are duly informed and accept that, in subscribing to the blog, you are leaving the website of RESTALIA, and before providing your email address we recommend that you read the Third Party Privacy Policy.

Offer your Premises: Data gathered shall be filed in a database (which may be automated) controlled by RESTALIA for the purposes of managing your premises proposal, and/or considering it with regard to future premises selection processes, in such cases.

You expressly consent to the provision of your data, for the same purposes, to companies within Restalia Grupo de Eurorestauración, S.L or its franchises (all belonging to the hospitality sector). In addition, you are hereby informed of the first transfer of communication of data in favour of EUROSUR FRANQUICIAS, S.L., EUROMONTADITO, S.L., 100M MONTADITOS INTERNACIONAL, S.L., 100M MONTADITOS EUROPA, S.L., 100M MONTADITOS COLOMBIA, S.L., 100M MONTADITOS MÉJICO, S.L., 100M MONTADITOS CHILE, S.L., THE GOOD BURGER COMPANY, S.L. and/or EURO NEW BRAND, S.L (subsidiaries of Restalia Grupo de Eurorestauración, S.L., belonging to the hospitality sector, franchisers of 100 MONTADITOS, 100M, CERVECERÍA LA SUREÑA, MERCADO DE LA SUREÑA, TGB//TGB THE GOOD BURGER//THE GOOD BURGER or other hospitality concepts, and with an address at Avenida de Europa nº 19, Edificio 2, Planta 3ª, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid), for the purposes of fulfilling the obligation established in Article 27 of the Data Protection Act (LOPD -Spanish Acronym).

In all data collection forms on the Website, RESTALIA provides a box which the User may select or deselect to oppose/reject the above transfer of data.

The consent provided by the User may be revoked by means of notification directed to the following email address: attcliente@gruporestalia.com or by ordinary email directed to RESTALIA, Avenida de Europa nº 19, Edificio 2, Planta 3ª, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid).

The User is responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the personal data provided, with RESTALIA reserving the right to exclude services to any User who provides false data, without prejudice to other actions provided for by Law.

In any case, the User may exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by email directed to attcliente@gruporestalia.comor by written request to the postal address above.

Finally, you agree to communicate to RESTALIA any modification of the personal data provided.

In the case of the User being under 14 years of age, their personal data must be provided with the authorisation of their legal representative.